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Together we stand
True and strong
Young and old
We all belong
A way of life
That's in our hearts
Held together
Can't be pulled apart
United worldwide
In every country
We all believe
In the movement
And what it means
One family united
One human race
Can't be divided
If there's no hate


War with reality
Losing my mind
Losing all hope
Losing my dreams
Living in your bullshit society
War with reality
Locked down in the world
Caught, trapped
In all this misery
Can't you see you're being watched
Every move you make
A jail cell, waiting
For you
The cards are stacked
What you gonna do?
War with reality


Think you have it all
planned out
Troubles coming in
on you
Hard times, nowhere
to run
The assassinator marked you for death
Murdertown U.S.A
Living a lie everyday
The assassinator marked you for death
The mighty one speaks
Time for justice
I've seen the light
from above
I've felt death from
down below
Murder and hate is the theme for today
Now it's fine for all of you to play
It's a game of the mind
And you're running out of time
No winners
You all lose
Murdertown U.S.A 


I've been trying to break the chains
Keep the edge on me
I'm winning the fight
But I know inside
Got to do what's right
Stay drug-free
There might be time
When I need your help
So if you see the sign
Throw me a line
Doesn't do no good to preach
Put yourself on a pedestal
So you're out of reach
Got to make a choice inside your heart
A way of life
That's how you start
Too many cliques, too many crews What's the purpose for what you do
Have you hit rock bottom?
Do you know the deal?
If you take the pledge
Do it for real


Countdown- the pain
I feel inside
Countdown- I'm gonna lose my mind
Countdown- there's nothing you can do
Countdown- I think I blew a fuse
Countdown- feels like I got burned
Countdown- so much pain in the past
Countdown- don't know if I will last
Can't you feel
Can't you see
Can't you hear
All the screams make you insane
Feel the pain, know the fear
Countdown to all the shit you pulled
And for everyone that you fooled
Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide
No more of your bullshit alibis


The sound of revolution
It's coming again from the streets
A lion's roar, a tribal beat
It's time for you to give a hand
And fight the battle to the promised land
The sound of revolution
The youth are getting restless
But now there's many more
Living in the streets
Times are worse than before
Now you know it's time to make a move
If you do nothing, then you all lose
The sound of revolution
The line's been drawn, the battle's clear
It's time for pride and no more fear
The revolution now is in your heart
And together we have a part
The sound of revolution


In the jungle mist
Going back many years
In a lost land
The beast stalked its prey
And where are your dreams now?
Are your souls locked away?
In the garden so many people trying to be free
Your fate sealed in destiny
All our lives are filled with change
But the snake, master of deception
Is within range
Trapped down in a deep sleep
Out of sight, out of mind
The reaper doesn't weep
The snake has you in this world
Trapped your heart on the earth
But there's more to this than meets the eye
It's in the word- hard truth
The sword is ready
That's no lie
Revelation coming around the bend
Lucifer your evil's at its end
Dragging down the poor and weak
Rich man's soul, it can't sleep
Time to deal with your fate
All your greed, all your hate
Everybody's looking at the sky
They don't believe without seeing with their eyes


I found it years ago
Trying to find it again
But if I fail, I wont let it be the end
I hear people say they have no faith in me
Drink their alcohol smoke that dust
Talk about me and their lives are fucked
Time has come to do what's right
Don't want to live dead and lose the fight
Free at last- from the drugs I crave
Free at last- from
alcohol's daze

Free at last- from that P.C.P.
Free at last- from insanity
Free at last- From my fear
Free at last- from all the tears
Free at last- from the grave
Free at last- now I'm saved

So if I fall what will you do?
Cause what I need's a friend in you
I wonder if you'll laugh at me
Or help me to stay drug-free
But if you choose to walk away
And come back another day
I'll be gone to a better place
On my own I'll win the race
There are other friends who'll stick by me
Side by side for eternity
But if I must be alone and do it all on my own
I'll win the fight and that's for sure
In my heart I'll stay pure
Perseverance deep inside me
A mission that's meant to be
Fire burning in my soul
Drug-free, my life's goal


I look back to the past
The struggle, the streets
Memories of a time
In the back of my mind
Now, years later we're still having fun
Keeping it true
United as one
We won't forget
In our hearts, in our minds
It's still alive
Our music, our lyrics
The truth survives
No egos, no rock stars allowed in here
Check yourself
Are you for real?
We won't forget


In your mind, in your dreams
In the real world
Everyday you wake up
Roam the streets
Must be strong
Believe in yourself
And you will see
They lied to all of us
Never really cared about you
Step right on your grave
It's time that you realize
They fucked us over again
The powers that be don't give a shit
Now I guess you know you're in a