The Business


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The Business - Get Out While You Can

You never question you never ask why

You never listen you never try

Never want to make a stand

With people like you, humanity's damned

Get out while you can

Get out while you can

Get out while you can

Get Out

Bomb could drop but you don't care

The cupboard's empty but you want your share

People repressed but you don't see

The normal attitude sickens me

Blind Justice

Burn Burn Burn the papers scream out loud

Die die die sang the voices in the crowd

Lock him up and throw him in a cell

He didn't do it and you know full well

So burn burn burn the papers scream out loud

Die die die sang the voices in the crowd

(chorus)And when it was over where did you go

To look at the photos of a dead hero

He was a victim of inhuman revenge

He was a scapegoat for political ends

And no one knows if he did it or not

They never thought that when they tightened the knot

Burn burn burn the papers screamed out loud

Die die die sang the people in the crowd

Lock him up and throw him in a cell

He didn't do it and you know full well

He wasn't there but you don't really care

Work Or Riot

The winter of discontent's nearing

Thatchers got trouble with her hearing

The voices of many are going unheard

I'd try to laugh if it wasn't absurd

(chorus)This generation won't keep quiet

Work work work or riot

The time is now, to Unite

Work Work Work or riot

The old generation sit cold and die

Feed their facts and live the lie

In the papers every day

So many rebebls being put away

Have you ever heard punk on the radio?

Have you ever been to a skinhead show

No escape for people like you

Did that happen in your time too?

The Employers Blacklist

Job chances seem very thin

Its a losing battle we all must win

The CBI are winning, keep down the pay

Mysterious people calling early in the day

The 'x' has appeared, another lost life

No tears are shed for the children and the wife

The daly's ignore it or trat it with tact

Still when they have been known to report the fact

(chorus)In our country so fair and free

Say the holders of our economy

There is a monster said no to exist

They call it the employers blacklist

Nobody really knows whats going on

Be a rebel and you'll always be wrong

Sam old faces are always seen

One side of the story told to the screen

The government is too wise to be tricked

Anyone too clever has to be nicked

You listen to this and you'll think i'm sick

Well if you think that mug, you've got to be sick

Nobody Listened

Didn't want the dole money in his hand

So he formed a chaos band

He didn't depend on anyone

He wanted to have some fun

(chorus)Johnny took a chance thats what he said

Nobody listened and now he's dead

He didn't want no boring job

Or to become part of the mob

He didn't rely on anyone

And so became a kid on the run

He was the one who led the crowd

The law said his voice was too loud

They're determined to make him pay

And later that night he passed away

Suburban Rebels

They're the sons and daughters of well of bankers

Tom Robinson's army of trendy wankers

Flared blue jeans and anoraks

With yellow streaks all down their backs

Who act so tough when their on TV

But trendy wankers don't scare me

Oi! Oi! Oi!-The chosen few

This is what we think of you

Suburban Rebels playing at reds

You would be urban terrorists

You don't scare us with your badges and banners

You know fuck all about heavy manners

Youre middle class kiddies from public school

Who writes your slogans on toilet walls

Like Tony Benns clones in plastic Macs

You wave hammer and sickle never Union Jacks

Got lots of mouth when you're in a crowd

But when you're alone-You don't speak loud

Mortgage Mentality

I run a shop upon the hill

I give out orders at my will

People do as they're told

Till the day that they're old

Apart from work, life's a toss

'Cos at home my wife's the boss

Ive got mortgage n all the loans

And a wife, 3 kids, and moans

Mortgage mentality, Mortgage mentality

Mortgage mentality, Mortgage mentality

I'm not really the one in charge

For this shop is much too large

I just wouldn't know what to do

I'm just another fool

For the guvnor its plain to see

That it's just got to be me

I'm the one with all the debts

So i've got to be the best bet


You preach anarchy but you make the rules

Setting up heroes like celluloid fools

In 20 lines you put the world tonight

You're anti-war, but you wanna fight

(chorus)Guttersnipe, guttersnipe you ain't so right

You ain't worth woth a light

You spread lies to hide the truth

Leaders of the misled youth

Promote the myth to hide the vice

Intelects who don't think twice

You've got your badges, you've got your causes

Label under civilian forces

In black and whit upon your face

There's nothing but an empty space

Real Enemy

Reality punk is all together

Fighting each other, it just aint clever

You've got the wrong enemy picking on a friend

If we don't stand together then this is the end

Todays youth stand together

In your combat or your leather

There is a cause, a cause to fight

Not each other, we must unite

Fight the real enemy (4x)

Banned from the clubs every night

Same old story, will you ever see the light?

Everyone together now listen to me

Don't fight each other fight the real enemy

Another Rebel Dead

They found him in the lane

With cocaine in his brain

They found him on his own

But he didn't die alone

(chorus)I heard what they said, Another Rebel dead

They say he killed himself, but it was someone else

His name was on their list

But now he don't exist

He didn't stand a chance

Upon his grave they dance

They were determined to blow him out

And so the papers read

That Johnny Smith was dead

A little girl asked why

And made her brother cry

Why did they make him go away?

Sabotage the Hunt

Lying in wait, here they come

Dressed in red, of course having fun

Trumpet blow height of their day

The fox will die if they have their way

(chorus)Sabotage sabotage sabotage the hunt today

Sabotage sabotage sabotage it anyway

Here they come with horse and hounds

Fox it runs in leaps and bounds

Middle class murderers must be blocked

Destruction of wildlife must be stopped

Go near their horses and your kicked

Try to stop 'em and you'll be nicked

They're protected by the law

All we can do is watch in awe

Harry May

Harry runs his business

From above the dodgy lop

His brother runs a chemist

Its a front for anadin

Whats his name-Harry May!

Whats his name? Harry May

(chorus)Harry Harry Harry May

Harry Harry Harry May

Harry's got a roller

A shooter in the boot

Killing is his living

It's where he makes his loot

Now he's turned 60

He's giving it a miss

He's given up his shooter

And he's always on the piss

Drinking & Driving

Half past 5 im in the pub

Six o clock its home for grub

8 o' clock i'm back to the bar

Sod the walk i'll take the car

(chorus)Knock it back, have another one

Drinking and driving is so much fun

In the motor off you go

Not too fast and not to slow

Keep your head and keep your cool

Must avoid that ????????


As you meander down the road

Must obey the highway code

See the spot and take your pick

Out of the car to be sick