The oppressed


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Violence everywhere i go, in everyone i meet

Down the club, In the disco, Violence on the street

The way you stand alone and proud, the way you crop your hair

Violence in your boots and braces, Violence in your stare

(chorus)We've got Violence



Ultra Violence, Blood on the Streets

Violence down the football, Violence in the pub

Violence is a way of life, violence you love

And your friends, kids of Britain til you run amok

Violence is in your mind you don't give a fuck



Born to fight, born to win

We were all born to be skin

Born with Marten´s on our feet

Facing truth there´s no retreat

People fear us, think we´re strange

Boots and braces we won´t change

We will never be second best

You know us we´re The Oppressed

We are skinheads we are proud

Playing music for the crowd

Music for the working class

Stick your disco up your arse


There´s a burning sky overhead

Kids on the street are seeing red

They´re gonna set the city alight

All this boredom makes ém wanna fight

Riot riot on the street tonight

Riot riot gonna do it right

Riot riot gonna scream and shout

Riot riot that´s what life´s about

Who´s to blame the rich or the poor

Fight the enemy fight the law

We´ll stick together, we´ll see it through

We´re gonna riot, me and you

Street´s can burn, governments too

We´re gonna riot we´re gonna see it through

We´re gonna smash your thin blue line

We´re doing OK, we´re doing fine


See him walking down the street

Doctor Marten´s on his feet

Levi jeans Ben Sherman shirt

Fuck with him and you´ll get hurt

He´s a skinhead, he don´t care

Marten boots and short cropped hair

He´s a skinhead, he don´t care about you

Walking down on the Brighton pier

Long haired hippies filled with fear

Cruch of bone as the boot goes in

Joe´s so proud to be a skin

Prison couldn´t change his ways

Skinhead´s back he´s here to stay

So if you think you´ve got the suss

Be a skinhead, be like us

He´s the king, king of skins

What´s his name, Joe Hawkins