Condemned 84


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Condemned 84

Boots Go Marching In

Boots Go Marching In

Everybodys out on a Friday night

Boots on their feet feeling just right

On their way to places where everybody meets

Looking your best, knowing you're the elite

The night might be young but your numbers mount

Cause tonights the night when it all counts

There's no need to ask what its all about

At the end of the night we'll all shout

(Chorus) We'll go marching on to win

With our boots we'll go marching in

and with our boots we'll go marching in (x2)

Gangs on the corners looking for trouble

No hesitation they've got the bottle

Soulboys on the left, bikers on the right

All psyched up looking for a fight

We're the ones who've got the suss

If they've got any sense they won't pick on us

The one at the front giving it the mouth

But at the end of the night we'll all shout

We Will Never Die

Back in '83, frustration rose in me

All the gigs were packed, but the bands they just jacked

Oh frustration rose in me!

So we formed a band of our own

Played where we could away from home

Playing to the people we wanted to see

People on the street like you and me

(Chorus) We will never die, we will never die

We will never, we will never, we will never die! (2x)

Stick to your guns, never give in

Don't drop out for the trendy things

With your mates loyalty and the tools you trust

Come on, unite together with us

Like the rose, we'll never die

Because you know the reason why

The time will come when we have our say

Then the new breed will have their day

Kick Down The Doors

How would you feel if it happened to you

Locked up now in a human zoo

In a country full of pessimists

Humanity cannot exist

Must be careful what you say

Gotta hide away from the light of day

The heavings watch you from every side

To make sure you are hypnotized

(Chorus) As they build 'em up, kick 'em down

Smash through that door and make that future yours

Don't just sit there, kick 'em down

Smash through that door and make that pathway yours

Kick Kick down the doors

Kick Kick down the doors

Kick Kick down the doors


No freedom of speech, no voice of the public

This sort of thing just makes you sick

No mind of your own, no thoughts for yourself

But their allright with their mounting wealth

You can't walk the street any time you like

Or you'll be taken away in the night

There must be more to life than this

But I can't see the end to this injustice

Follow The Leader

Are you being led by a ring through the nose?

Are you being pulled by a lead?

One way forward, no way back

Is that the life to lead?

Are you being led like an animal to slaughter?

Following the idiot in front

Like a sacrifice being led to the altar

A religion you follow for fun

(Chorus) Do you follow the leader?

Do you follow the rest?

Is it you that can't find your own way

or are you just gonna run with the best?

Do you follow the leader?

Do you trail at the back?

Is it you that can't find your own way

or are you just gonna run with the pack?

Are you being led up the garden path

making a wreck of your life

Take no orders, think for yourself

Fuck all that trouble and strife


All pissed up, about to go on

And then a stranger strolls into the bar

Oh no, he's turned up again

And he's dressed up like we was a mars bar

No one knows him, no one likes him

What are we gonna do?

One of the lads takes exception

And decides that it's him he's gonna do

(Chorus) He's a nutter!

He's a nutjob - has he got any brains? (3x)

Will we ever see him again?

I bet you all remember about that time

When Carrot met Nutter on the bus

Back in '85, the nutter came alive

He found us on a ferry to Holland

Picked on the hippies and they ran away

But we all stayed and stood

The nutter with his bullworker build

With his creeps he thought he looked good

Next time we saw him we didn't recognize him

But we came across him due to thirst

A few beers, back to the gig

Appearing out of the blue

Telling us his name was monster

Swinging rice flails, he thought he was big

But in his mind he was just a big kid

Oi! Ain't Dead

See who's standing next to you

Is he plastic or is he true?

The years have rolled by, you can tell

If he's stayed the rocky course of Oi!

If your into it young or old

Let the music take a hold

Bringing you up to the front of the stage

Feel the atmosphere in the place

(Chorus) Oi! ain't dead, no it ain't! 4x

Take a look and see

Take a look at me

Brave new bands supporting the old

Stories of the past, they've all been told

Air your views, open your mouth

Oi's about having a laugh

The years have rolled on, they thought we'd gone

But we never ever went away

It'll take more than the media lies

Cos' Oi's gonna fight another day

Under Her Thumb

You ruin my life and tell me what to say

I'm telling you it ain't gonna be that way

You brainwashed me

Can't you see?

You ain't gonna tell me what to do

I'll live my life the way I want to it girl

Do what I like don't want to do what you tell

Mistreated me

Can't you see?

You ain't gonna tell me what to do

You dictated me and tried keep me under your thumb

Tried to keep me yours but I ain't so fucking dumb

You ordered me

Can't you see?

You ain't gonna tell me what to do

Riot Squad

Standing on the terraces hands in the air

All the old biz just stand and stare

They don't realize we're loyal ones

All they know is the use of guns

Batons crashing on boney skulls

See the blood spurt hear their yells

I don't care cos' I'm a true Brit

I don't have to take this kind of shit

(Chorus) Riot squad, riot squad

They call us the British sods

Riot sqad, riot squad

They call us the British sods

Don't they realize we're not fools

Don't they know that Britain rules

Riot squad, riot squad

They call us the British sods

They lead us out of the ground

Trouble ahead I'll be bound

Attacking all the innocent fans

And packing us like sardines into their vans


Listen to what they said

Over the graves of the dead

In an attack a soldier dies

Political anarchists in our isles

Their political wing

Try to state the reason why

But with explaining all thats not true

It's just telling lies

(Chorus) Blind lies, blind lies, blind lies

Those blind lies

They want everybody

To join up with their sons

Paying out patriotism

As they can with their guns

Jimmy Davey

Jimmy Davey was arrested

And taken in for questioning

That was the last we saw of him

He wouldn't confess, he wouldn't give in

Taken in to Coventry nick

And beaten up in a cell

Two pairs of handcuffs on his wrists

His legs tied up with ropes and belts

(Chorus) Jimmy Davey - was he innocent?

Jimmy Davey - will we ever know?

Jimmy Davey - was he a victim

Of police violence?

Coventry pigs they murdered him

Think they're hard and brave

Given no time to state his case

Now he's lying in his grave

Teenage Slag

If you pick a nice White virgin

Will she be the best of the bunch

Cause after you laid her a few times

She'll want it ever so much

And when you try and show her another position

She'll think it's so obscene

But she'll soon find out how good it is

And she'll still feel pure and clean

(Chorus) And she'll end up driving you mad

She'll probably end up with your dad

She's a teenage slag

After she's had a good time she'll probably pass you by

And then all your mates and everybody in the street will have a try

Passing around all the pubs getting as many as she can

And when she's been 'round them all once she'll go back 'round again

Face the Aggression

Keep The Faith

We can all see whats happening now, bands change their style for fame

They won't bother to stick to their guns, they want to play the game

So they change to make it big, get dirty and mess with shit

Its just like being trendy, following whats always hip

But we'll stay the same we'll never give in:

(Chorus) We'll keep the faith, we won't ever change

We'll keep the faith, we will never change our ways

We'll keep the faith, we won't ever change

We'll keep the faith, we'll stay true to our dying days

Its so hip listening to that shit, played at 90 mph

Lets play thrash like all the bands, and join the head banging shower

Crossover they call it, punks turning to hippies, being a veggie's so hip

But you can forget all of that crap, cause we ain't gonna play that shit

Cause we'll stay the same we'll never give in:


He just let his country down

Didn't give a shit about his country and crown

Look after number one and join the rest

All his colleagues thought it was best

Secret information he passed out

Not too strong, not too hot

Sent out papers one by one

Gotta be carefull or he'd get done

(Chorus) Blunt, Blunt, Blunt he was a cunt

He was one of the gang of four

Blunt, Blunt, Blunt he was a cunt

In this country are there more?

A traitor to his own kind

He joined a gang of red spies

Scurs against his own country

Selling information and lies

Red lies, white lies a traitor to his own country

Behind the enemy lines, the same old lies

Their hidden power and false propaganda

Face The Aggression

Time to do your best when you're left on your own

Gotta fend for yourself, now you're far away from home

Kicked up the arse all the time in the past

Now you gotta make a stand yourself

Give them a glare, give them a stare

And they'll go running away

Give a good impression they'll feed your aggression

And you'll get stronger day to day

(Chorus) Look at my face see the tension

Look at my anger see my aggression

Look at my face see the tension

Look at my anger face the aggression

Stand up in defiance never back down

Prove to them that you're the strongest around

You don't need any backup you can handle yourself

Give them a lesson, show your aggression

Our Time Will Come

We've got to make a stand for our rights everybody knows

Get knocked down, kicked around, we're always taking the blows

If the truth was told, we've the strongest of pride and we'll never give in

Everyone's against us, troubles begun, we'll carry on till we win

(Chorus) Will you be there, when the battles begun

You'd better not run

Cause thats the moment when our time will come

Our numbers are swelling from the people who hear the call

Prides in our hearts, bloods in our veins, they'll never see us fall

They can see that they can't ever win without a fight from us

We'll beat them at their own game, cause we're the ones with the suss

Warriors With Pride

It all stems back to those medieval times

Tales of women songs and rhymes

Today its all the same wear your clothes with pride

Take it from me we're on the same side

Boots and braces you're hair cut neat

The number one target for the Boot Boy elite

They can all see that oppression can't win

Cause in their eyes we're hell bent to win

(Chorus) We'll fight like soldiers, warriors with pride

Troops of today, martyrs in our time

Proud of our dress, proud of our colors

United we stand out amongst others

See us in force on a Saturday night

Always ready if they start a fight

You know what to do when they show you oppression

Put in the boot with all your aggression

Down the cells when your in for a kicking

So fucking hard your heart stops ticking

Cover up their own their always in the right

Soon forget the victim whos driven away in the night

The inquiry never sees the light of day

This ain't no way for a crime to be paid

Watch out for each other like a lion watches his pride

We all stick together side by side

In The Gutter

Little boy lost or Johnny go home

All to much bother just to pick up the phone

Your parents full of worry but you don't care

Ran away from home just for a dare

Met the wrong people in the amusement arcade

Queers and perverts where there's money to be made

Pushers on the corner selling you shit

Avoid them at all costs they're only trying to make a hit

(Chorus) One more step and you're in the gutter

You're down and out, down and out (x2)

Sleeping in cardboard by the bridge at night

Winos and tramps as companions for the night

Glue bag in hand when you're outta your head

Thinking that you're in a four poster bed

Wishing that you were at home by the fire

Too much walking as your legs begin to tire

No jobs to be found no streets of gold

Just a load of lies that you've been told

All Out Attack

On the home front we'll do any old cunt if they stand in our way

This is our territory, thats the way its gonna stay

Knowing the backstreets, like the back of your hand

Fighting for your pride like you'll fight for your land

Ambush the enemy, show no mercy

There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

No letting up, no turning back, no retreat in this attack

(Chorus) All out attack (x 3)

No looking back, no turning back

All out attack (x 3)

No yellow streaks running down our backs

Knowing the safe pubs where you've got the back up

Mates you can rely on in the middle of a ruck

Stashing your weapons before the old bill come in

The people that you trust like your next of kin

Bullshit Promoter

You've lost your venue you've lost your pub

You've lost your punters dragged down in the mud

You've lost right out you've lost you're money

But we don't care we think its fucking funny

(Chorus) You keep giving it (x 3)

Bullshit, Bullshit

You keep giving it (x 3)

Bullshit, Bullshit

You printed a leaflet, slagged the manager down

Said we were racist, tried to bury us in the ground

Said they'd be no one there a two pounds a time

But they all come and had a fucking good time

Pride And The Pain

If you can keep a pride in yourself

There's a chance they'll pick on you

One too many beers, mouthed right off

That comes naturally to you

You think you're among friends but they all fucked off

They've seen whats been coming your way

They won't tell you they've seen the light

They won't help you on the way

(Chorus) For you're pride you'll take the pain

You'll make a stand won't play their game (x 2)

All the backstabbers you can do without

You don't need them to fuck with you

Got all your own ideas and beliefs

The media will try to discourage you

Don't mess with the best you say to them

You won't listen to all their lies

Stand up for what you think is right

Then you'll be the one that they despise

All the time kicked around in their games

Just another one with fucked up brains

We'll carry on they won't stop us no way

We won't play the games they want us to play

Strength To Strength

Make your feelings known

Don't let them tell you what to do

Make a name for yourself

Fight back like you know you will

Ignore their threats and lies

They're nothing but the enemy we despise

Always slagging us down

With our hair cropped short and braces down

(Chorus) Stand up, stand proud, stand strong

Show them that you're proud to belong

Stand up, stand proud, stand strong

Don't let the bastards grind you down

Our unity is strength

Sticking together is what it meant

Head held high and proud

Always trying to knock us down

Love for our country and land

Something they'll never fucking understand

Getting their power from greed

Scared of us cause we're the new breed

Land Of Hope And Glory

They came from across the sea, many years ago in A.D.

You can read all the legends from times gone by

How invaders were kept out with the same warcry

They tried to lay one of their roads

To pave their way to their new homes

But maybe they could've built Rome in a day

They couldn't take this land of ours away

(Chorus) This is our land of hope and glory

This is our land, you can't take it away from us

This is our land of hope and glory

And we will never let it go

History always seems to repeat itself

The aggressor trying to take another country's wealth

The poor fight hard to save their land

But the grains taken away and put in another's hands

They take from the poor the old and the weak

And watch the wealthy run to hide in their keep

Never gave away nothing never gave nothing back

But never did this country's backbone ever crack

We'll fight in the future like our fathers in the past

We'll carry the battle to the invaders and make difficult their task

They're raping and plundering the villages on the shore

Burning homelands, stealing from the poor

The people are beaten, the prisoners are slaves

Worked to their deaths, filling empty graves