The Blood


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The Blood -  Such Fun

In St. Peters the Jammy Pig

Getting ready for his Vatican gig

Shut your noise the world's a sewer

Catch you later on his next world tour

Wheres the new messiah? Where's our life long guide

Show me the wonder of life and i'll show you suicide

So wash that smile off with soap

Chin up my son, we're having such fun

So don't pretend you can't cope

Chin up my son, we're having such fun

Come on we've got to have a drink

Though the worlds dry

As they survey their worhtless crops

It makes me cry all the way to the shops

Where's the new messiah

Such fun-for me a third world mong

Such Fun-The pope bangs his dinner gong

Such Fun-Only lump in his throat

Such Fun-Meat he shoves down in his boat



The pope says to The Atheist, In Gods name i do swear

You searching blindly in the dark for something that ain't there

The Atheist says to the Pope There ain't no gettin' 'round it

You too were searching in the dark for nothing...........But you found it

(chorus)You're alright Jack, Ain't gonna look back


You tell us to give up our wealth to those who are without

To all you's third world victims with your famines and your drought

But tell me Johnny Paul my son, if I should make so bold

Why don't ya donate just one of your robes of silk and gold



You church is plastered inside and out with all that precious gear

Gear which if were to be sold could dry many a tear

You tour the earth in costly wheels at times so low

To let some low scum kiss your hand at your mobile ego show


I never intended to care about all of those in need

I never tried to cover up, i'm in it just for me

But someday they'll burn your temples down and strip your churches bare

And lynch you from the nearest tree, but i don't think i'll care


Pray to god man!!!!

Parasite in Paradise

So its Monday and a quarter to one

And a new day, it's just begun

Get together and head for the door

Im guided by a primative lust

To suck dry the populace

So devious and selfish to the core

You make me laugh cos you pump me full

You make me wretch you're so gullible

Only death will satisfy my greed.......

It's such a joke cos i draw you off

Un like a leech you can't burn me off

But its bread, it ain't blood that i need....

It's such a shame cos you'll never learn

Who are you?.....That ain't my concern

All i need's your attention and your wealth

.......You're like a drip feed sticking in my arm

Don't say a word, just cross my palm

And keep donating to my anti-health

Calling the Shots

Alarms are hanging off the walls, on this our glorious day

Violated Miss Needlework, cos she got in our way

And the headmaster is quaking with a compass at his balls

A scrotum full of clotted blood, invalidates the rules

(chorus)Calling the shots (2x)

And Mr Fitt the gym teacher is flexing off his jaw

The janitor is strapped to a desk inside his burning store

And down there in the tuck shop, Leghorn and Jesus Hate

Stick tequila in the pepsi, and cut sherbet with sulphate


Napalm Job

On Napalm's throne with a runny bot

Radio Times all he's got

I suppose his shirt will suffice

Although it's probably full of lice

We want to go out for a drink

We'd better lose the red eyed chink

We gotta make out that we're skint

Cos he won't take the bleeding hint

(chorus)Napalm Job, Napalm Job (4x)

Repeat 1st and 2nd verse



Coffin Dodgers

Fought two wars for the British race

Now muggers spank me in the face

Feed the birds with my last crust of bread

What thanks to i get? They shit on my head

They're getting too old, lets smash their glasses

They've outlived their usefulness

Their long-johns are stained with piss

Coffin Dodgers

Son only comes around once a year

He only comes round to sup his beer

Freezing cold with a hernia

Hello Hyper-thermia

Drunk Addict

On the Booze with Blakey

Drunk Addict

Down with battle cruiser

Done my dads Southern C

Drunk Addict

Got a bint, but i got to lose her

We've got something to do

Drunk Addict

A liter of puccine

Can't bump into the crew

Drunk Addict

With this we cant be seen

(chorus)Drunk Addict, Drunk Addict, Drunk Addict

Drunk addict, Drunk Addict, etc., etc., Feeling Sick,

Drunk Addict

This worlds too much

I stagger on my liquid crutch

Drunk addic this world just ain't on

Drunk addict this world's too much

Stark Raving Normal

Spend their lives sunbathing while you work to feed their 19th dog

Spend a million on a wedding whilst you can't afford an inside bog

Plaster themselves with medals than laugh at you as they pass by

It would really make your day if they spat in your patriotic eye

Well i know life's a bummer and there's plenty of boots you kissed

But don't worship the pampered, they don't even know you exist

So you love being shat on and give them all you gotta give

More sucker you boy!!! You were born but when are you gonna live?!?!

Youre so stark raving normal

Done Some Brain Cells Last Night

Jaw ache from talking and i cant keep my hands still

Tongue like sandpaper and i still ain't had my fill

I think i'll go walkies cos i'm raving like a loon

Jesus Christ i'm gonna die a thousand deaths tomorrow noon

Strike a light, Done some brain cells last night

Jesus Christ, done some brain cells last night

Gimme some more gum, 'cos im chewing up my face

I know tomorrow gonna be in a real disgrace

Eyes bulge like golfballs, and i'm twitching like a wreck

Jesus Christ, you know i can't wait 'tilI can hit the deck


Out me way mate it's getting late

How am I gonna get drunk at this rate

So come on girl there's the last bell

Lets stream downtown to where the hobos dwell


Just act the lout cos that's what life's all about

Steam into the bar with a passion so devout

So i rant and prate living on the slate

Stuff your advice watch me degenerate

Gestapo Khazi

You're telling me that is ain't safe for you

to walk through your town

Because ofof whats been going down

The clammy hand of the law

Behind the of their trucks

They're laughing like hyaenas

We've all got to be cleaner

Than we ever were before

This ain't a police state yet

Gestapo Khazi

But you don't give up hope

Just use a bit of caution

Fear is their biggest weapon

Fuck 'em and ignore 'em

Well Sick

No bullets in my gun, my kids gone deaf and dumb

Life's a barrel of tits, but i'm still sucking my thumb

My clothes hang off my back, my willpower starts to crack

Im a walking flea circus i fester on my jack

I'll bust your windows and liquid laugh in your quiche lorraine

I'll sneeze on your birds bust, at least it helps ease my pain

Im well sick, Im well sick im sick a dog

Whenever did i get myelf into this ruck

Im Well sick, Im well sick, Im sick as a pig

I can't see real life my hangups are so big

But why is it that everything i touch explodes in my face and whats more

My faith and my hope are a nosse in a rope Future was shot off in the war

Sewer Brain

I remember the day she passed away and how my daddy cried

I wear my mothers knickers on trips to her graveside

Hey kiddy in kindergarten it appears that i've got to steam

I hope you'll beg my pardon while i fill your satchel up with cream

Some like watching movies, and some like smoking pot

But we like shafting corpses and watching the bastards rot

All that is sacred goes down the drain

I ain't ashamed got me a sewer brain

I gloat at documentaries about the third world's lack of grub

Visit cancervictims and give them a good old rub

Good morning geriatric, hear you fell down the stair

I'll chainsaw your Jack Russel and do the brakes on your wheelchair

My grey matter is squirming like a fish out of water

Your Maisonette is burning barbequeing your daughter

I toss and turn and turn, dreaming, anticipating about you

I love you Im perpetrating, Im gonna get you no matter what you do


Where are you going youth?

You've got a joke reputation

No revelling in sloth

You tolerate your situation

Lets all act the toad

And cause some aggrovation

You worship your slum

all you've got is concellation

(chorus)Sucker-Contented spinless mug

Sucker-rot in the grave you've dug

Sucker-You're nothing you think you are

Sucker-mortgage, tart and car

Where's honest John

Suffering from a revelation

He thought he had it made

But all he is is sanitation

Too late now bucko

So eat your degradation

Go bury your head

And swallow your humiliation


Can't abide soul suicide

Got to take a faster ride

Grab the cash and spend my time

Romancing in a warmer clime

The one they couldn't stop

The one they had to top

Mesrine-Law is obscene

Hot lead don't make the fliks so keen

With the front supreme acting out the poor mans dream

Ain't gonna dwell inside no cell

Gonna give them Judges hell

Gonna live my life, my guns and chance

The best thing thats come out of France

Rule 43

Woke up this morning behind my door

Lay there thinking till i knew what for

Three ten year olds lying in their tombs

With gaping ax wounds in their wombs

Learned judge he say to me

Natural life on HMP

I've done my vicious crimes with glee

Now I rot on 43

They got me on 43

The other cons are on my back

Just 'cos i had some pre-teen crack

Screws spike me up to stop me cum

And spoil my kindergarten fun

But i don't mind, i'll bide my time

Thinking bout my sexual crime

Soon i will be free again

Causing pre-pubescent pain

Joys Of Noise

Caked in gob and i've a lust to wreck

Face gets trodden into the deck

This song's an anthem so lose control

The joys of noise drown Rock & Roll

Dossers they come from far and near

They munch on drugs and slurp their beer

Oblivious to other sounds

Throw drunken fits across the ground

This venue aches with broken bones

And just who were the rolling stones???

Waste of Flesh And Bone

I had a dream when i was young

That my life's anthem hadn't yet been sung

I'd learn the ropes and suckle up

Another shut on mug job pup

But what i can't get then i don't want

I was blinkered through life right from the front

Im just a waste of flesh and bone

Cushioned with grammar every day

The Mold was ready but i walked away

So im a child over grown

Drink myself stupid but my time is my own